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Work Visa (Z visa)

Issued to provide work visa\permit security for those who intend to work in China.

(We are not engaged in labor agency service. The applicant should have a job and employer to apply work visa.)

1. Operation Procedure

I. Apply for Work Permit Inform at the foreign expert bureau.

II. Apply for Z Visa in the Embassies and Consulates of China or the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

III. Apply for Work Permit at the foreign expert bureau.

IV. Apply Residence Permit at the Exit-entry Administration.

2. List of Work Permit Application Materials

(1) Online Registration Account

List of Materials:

1. The Information Registry (seal official seal)

2. Legal Registration Certificate (Business License, Organization Ccode Certificate, Social Insurance Registration Certificate, Foreign Enterprise Resident Representative Registration Certificate or Overseas Non-governmental Organization Representative Registration Certificate, etc., Existing Unified Social Credit Code Certificate with Unified Social Credit Code. )

3. The identity of the Person in Charge and of the Operator

4. Business License (If the License require pre-approval by the industry authorities according to the law and regulations, the approval document from industry authority ought to be submitted)

5. The Letter of Authorization (the employer should clear the authorized agencies, items of trust , and fill in the identity card number and telephone number of the trustees

(2)  Applying for foreigners work permit in China (to work more than 90 days in China, excluding 90 days)

1) Applying for "Work Permit Notice"

List of Materials:

1. Foreigner work permit application form (signed by the applicant and sealed the official seal)

2. The work qualification certificate ( 2 years or more work experience in related industry, the certificate issued by the former employer of the applicant to improve whom has the qualification for the current job, including positions, working hours or project, the seal of the ex-employer or the signature of the person in charge, and a valid telephone number or E-mail. If the applicant won awards in the field of professional, the corresponding proof can be provided.

3. The highest degree (Academic Qualification) certificate or the relevant approval documents, vocational qualification certificate (bachelor's degree and above, the highest degree (degree) certificate obtained abroad should be accredited by Chinese foreign embassy, consulate or by the embassy, the consulate of the country where the applicant obtain the degree or Chinese academic accreditation body.

4. Notarized Noncriminal Certificate (should be issued by the applicant's country of nationality or by the police, security, courts and other departments of the frequently dwelling place and accredited by Chinese foreign embassy, consulate . The frequently dwelling place refers to the country or region that the applicant dwell for more than one year after leaving the country of nationality, China is not included. Notarized Noncriminal Certificate should be issued within six months before the application.

5. Certificate of medical examination (physical examination of foreign personnel issued by the Chinese inspection and quarantine institutions, or the foreign medical institutions approved by the Chinese inspection and quarantine institutions, the issuing time are within 6 months from the application .)

6. The employment contract or proof of employment (including dispatch letter of multinational company) (including contract in Chinese, the content should include the workplace, work content, wage, work time, position, seal page (signature), which should be signed by the applicant and sealed by the employer and alteration is not allowed. If the employer is found by the authority that the credit model or has no record of poor credit for 3 years in row, and the applicant is unable to provide the employment contract before entering the territory, the proof of service are allowed to provide. After the entry of the applicant, the applicant shall submit the employment contract when applying for The People's Republic of foreigners work permit and the content shall be consistent. If not, the permit shall be reapplied, except for the increase of salary or promotion of post (position).

7. The passport of the applicant or international travel agency documents (passport validity period shall not be less than 6 months)

8. The applicant's bareheaded and full-faced photos within 6 months (recent hat-free photos of electronic version, white background, no border, facial features complete, clear images, no defects of spots, flaws and ink.JGG format, the size of 40K-120k bytes , No less than 354 (W) * 472 (H) Pixels, no more than 420 (W) * 560 (H) Pixels, 24 True Colors.)

9. Certification Materials of the accompanying family members.

10. Other materials

2) Applying for "Work Permit"

List of materials:

1.The applicant's visa (Z word or R word) or valid residence permit

2.The employment contract (should be provided if it is not provided when applying for " Notice of permission to come to China ")

3.Medical certificate (should be provided if it is not provided when applying for " Notice of permission to come to China ")

3. List of Residence Permit Application Materials

List of materials:

1. Work permit (original and copy )

2. Passport (original and copy)

3. Z visa ( information page and the last entry page)

4. Health certificate (original and copy)

5. Application Letter

6. Three 2-inch photos

7. Application form

8. Temporary residence certificate

4. Processing Time

Applying Z visa and Work Permit Notice ---- half a month

Applying Work Permit and Residence Permit----in one month

5. Service Fee

5000RMB (Hangzhou)

4000-6000RMB according to the documents (other areas) 

Not including any official fee such as physical examination fee, Invitation Letter fee, etc.

Foreign Affairs Service

Mobile phone:+86 134-5682-6212

Phone:+86 (571)28219070

Address:Room 2008, Intime International Business Center, Binjiang, Hangzhou

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