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Visa Service Department 

1. We establish contact with our customer within 24 hours, collecting and checking all related materials.

2. Deal with online certificate declarations, material submissions and reception according to the needs of the customers.

3. Record the validity of certificates and build our customers profile.

4. Provide a reminder service for requirements such as visa extension, etc., 45 days in advance.

    Life Service Department

    1. We establish contact with the customers and provide professional services in accordance        with the "Service Information".

    2. Fill in "Life Service Triplicate Form" and store all files.

    3. Provide on-demand services.

                                 Inspection Department

                                 1. Supervision of each department in the document completion process.

                                 2. Post-service customer satisfaction survey and feedback.


Foreign Affairs Service

Mobile phone:+86 134-5682-6212

Phone:+86 (571)28219070

Address:Room 2008, Intime International Business Center, Binjiang, Hangzhou

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