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Enterprise Foreign Employee Service: We set up this special channel to help our customers manage Visas, Work Permits, Residence Permits, Commercial and Medical Insurance for foreign employees, through all aspects of professional foreign affairs services. We aim to save time and human cost utmostly for the company, and to improve work efficiency and quality of life for employees.

Corporate English Training Service: we focus on Chinese enterprise internationalization, establish short-term and long-term language training system, customize English courses for enterprises and institutions, provide language training platforms, and improve your global competitiveness.

Company Name:
Company Address:
(person)Service Needed:

Visa counseling:

Working visa (Z visa)
Business visa (M visa)
Visit visa (F visa)
Tourist visa (L visa)
Student visa (X visa)
Resident visa (D visa)
Dependent visa (Q visa)
Family visa (S visa)

Living Service Counseling:

Employment Counseling:

Accepting job offer
Termination of employment
Job hunting
Employment contract
Insurance and Benefits

Venture Consulting:

Company registry
Financial accounting
Government subsidy
Office space and Pioneer park
Initial capital and Financing

Law Consulting

Labor law
Insurance law
Housing dispute
Law firm recommendation
Other law issues

Medical Consulting

International hospital referral
Accompanied medical assistance

Education Consulting

School recommendation for Children
Chinese linguistic training
Culture exchange activity

Other Service

City guide
Shopping guide
House rental
Accompanied translation
Pets entry and exit service

Corperate English Counseling:

Basic Business English

Emails/Letters/Telephones and Socialization
Managing staff/Being managed
Meetings, Reports and Presentations
Business Etiquette
Travelling for work
Communicating about products/services
Dealing with customers

Customized English Courses:

Hotel English
Bank English
Medical English
Foreign Trade English
Travel English
Sales English
Legal English
Computer English
Service Industry English
Public Transportation English
Other Professions Requiring English


Foreign Affairs Service

Mobile phone:+86 134-5682-6212

Phone:+86 (571)28219070

Address:Room 2008, Intime International Business Center, Binjiang, Hangzhou

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