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How to Apply for a Criminal Background Check?

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Since the new China Work Permit policy came into effect on April 1st, 2017, it's become more complex and to apply for Work Permit. Some documents will require more time to acquire than they did before, include notarized diploma and criminal background checks. Both documents will need to be notarized by either China embassy or your own country's embassy in China.



Criminal background check:

1. If you are in China, contact your country's embassy in China to see whether they offer the service. Currently, there are only a few embassies offer a notary service. The criminal background check issued by your own country's embassy can be used directly.

2. For those applying outside of China:

   Step 1. Return to your home country (or ask your friend or relatives) to apply for the background check document from your local police station or citizen's administration bureau.


  Step 2. Go to the China Embassy to get your document notarized. Usually, it's easier to get the official notarized record when you have a translated Chinese version. Some China Embassy only accepts the documents from the local notary bureau, if this is the case, you will have to have the documents issued by your local police station or citizen's administration bureau notarized at local notary bureau, then take them to the China Embassy to be notarized again.

3. In some countries, local notary bureau offers criminal background check service along with Chinese Embassy notary together. If these services are available to you, you will only need to apply from a single location.

4. A criminal background check is only acceptable when issued or notarized by the Chinese Embassy or your own country's Embassy in China.

Any question about criminal background check authentication, plz leave message below!


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