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Any Visa Issues? Come to Echo Foreign Service Center!

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Guide: Since the Chinese visa policy has been changing constantly, many applicants have found it confusing and difficult to prepare an application without making mistakes or missing documents, causing delays to securing a visa. Therefore, we offer Application Pre-check Service and Visa Agency Service to make our foreigners stay in China easily.

Echo Foreign Affairs Service Center is a comprehensive service set up to help foreigners work and live in China. We attract and dispatch high-end professionals and provide one-on-one consulting and services for our foreign customers. We create for you a brilliant experience in China, without the hassles in visa processing and life services.

Welcome to China Visa Service Center!

We provide accurate, comprehensive and professional visa consulting and agency services for foreigners, with accompanying the whole process, to ensure the success rate and efficiency of your visas.

Here are the issues of our concern: (take Z visa as an example)

It depends on your personal situation and requirements, we provide Pre-check Service to advice you prepare yourself well.

We will show you the list of documents needed, and advice you how to create the documents through the whole process.

Applying for the Z visa and Work Permit Notice takes one month.

Applying Work Permit and Residence Permit takes another one month.

We normally charge 4000RMB-6000RMB for the complete service. There is only 800RMB charge for translation fee if the service cannot be completed.

We are here to listen, advise and help with Work Visa, Work Permit and Residence Permit for those who intented to work in China. 

Foreign Affairs Life Service Department aims to provide professional guidance and help for foreigners to adapt into life in China easily, without language barrier, through online connection or telephone and offline company. We take “Service for International Talents” as our own duty, combine together with all kinds partners, to provide foreigners high-end, professional, convenient and warm life services.

We set up a special channel VIP Service, committed to help our customers manage Visas, Work Permits, Residence Permits, Commercial and Medical Insurances for foreign employees, through all aspects of professional foreign affairs services. We aim to save time and human cost at mostly for the company, and to improve work efficiency and quality of life for foreigners. 

Easy Stay, Easy Work, Easy Life!

When you are planning on working and living in China, and meet someone you can trust, please contact Echo Foreign Service Center (EFSC), for all the help you need.



Foreign Affairs Service

Mobile phone:+86 134-5682-6212

Phone:+86 (571)28219070

Address:Room 2008, Intime International Business Center, Binjiang, Hangzhou

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