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How to make a visa appointment in Hangzhou? Say no to long queue

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Say goodbye to long queues - Make an appointment before going to the visa office!


From June 1st 2017, a brand new service will be launched by the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Hangzhou PSB after nearly six months elaborate preparation. By simply following the Official WeChat Account of 杭州公安applicants will be able to make an online visa appointment at a preferred time and location, which will greatly save application time and reduce stress.

The visa appointment is operated on the basis of real-name verification. Applicants can get their unique appointment number based on the real-name verification, which enables them to have access to both visa application and convenience of life in Hangzhou. 

 What are the advantages of visa appointment?

1. Shorten the applicant's waiting time and improve the efficiency of visa application. 

By utilization of the application's time and location, the visa appointment can effectively allocate the number of applicants at a certain application time and location, which will largely shorten the applicant's waiting time and maintain order in the visa reception hall.

2. Convenient for applicants to prepare documents and save time.

Due to most foreigners being unfamiliar with Chinese language and visa process, some applicants often failed to register the accommodation or make mistakes in documentation for visa application; these caused complication and loss of time for most foreigners applying for visa. It will be more convenient for applicants to prepare documents and save application time by using the Visa appointment that needs real-name verification of every applicant, which depends on Official WeChat Account of 杭州公安 to offer notice to applicants and check their registration information online.

How to make an appointment

1. Follow the WeChat account HZPD0571110.




2. Touch 办事大厅(the left menu with fire icon, choose 出入境服务(Visa Appt) and then touch 境外人员(Oversea Personnel).
    Register and real name verification


3. Fill in the required information and select an appointment time and location.

4. Receive your appointment number, with which you can apply for your visa at the scheduled time and location.


Foreign Affairs Service

Mobile phone:+86 134-5682-6212

Phone:+86 (571)28219070

Address:Room 2008, Intime International Business Center, Binjiang, Hangzhou

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